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We are a refrigeration technology company that builds solutions for modern HVAC applications globally. Contact us today to start building your product with us…

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HCM Contractors is a custom designer of specialist heating,ventilation,air-conditioning (HVAC) & refrigeration solutions (HVAC&R) including corrosive & and explosive environments. HCM Contractors is a design and manufacturing company specialising in the manufacture of HVAC cooling, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipments. We offer various solutions, contact us today to start formulating a solutions suitable for you.

HCM Services

HCM manufacture a range of close control systems, packaged units, air handlers and chillers.

The fully comprehensive HCM / OTA (Operating theatre Units operates on 100% fresh air Comprises 2 models 15-25 kW cooling capacities.

HCM specialise in custom building units to solve any heating or cooling problem, regardless of process or media.

HCM is very proud to be associated with the world renowned American “Goodway” brand of cleaning and service products for over 15 years. Other prominent products under the HCM banner are the “Pearl” range of unitary air-conditioners.

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- E-houses

- Data centres

- Operating theatres

- Clean rooms & laboratories

- Large packaged units

- Heat pumps

- Explosive environment units

- Industrial cooling & heating

- Specialised coil design

- Harsh environment units

- Customised heat transfer designs

- Blast chillers

- Cold rooms

- Dry coolers

-  Driers

- Rooftop units

- Telecoms units

- Chillers

- Thermal engineering and consulting services

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